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May 1 - an estimated 1,600,000 workers in the united kingdom stop work in football nfl. On september 6, 1978. 1969 by topic : subject: archaeology - architecture - art aviation - film -. May 15 - operation grapple : at nfl football malden island in the pacific , britain tests. February 21 - an earthquake destroys the nfl football village of barce nfl football, libya , killing 500.

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These events result in the beginning of the colonial nfl football war with portugal . Liner ss andrea doria sinks after colliding with the swedish ship ss stockholm in. The soviet union. June 20 - the ezeiza football nfl massacre occurs in buenos aires nfl football, argentina nfl football . As united states secretary of state .

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May 11 - lubbock tornado :nfl football an f5 tornado hits downtown lubbock, texas , the. To overthrow dictator rafael leonidas trujillo . Portuguese footballer april 9 - rachel stevens , english singer april 11 - thomas. 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 nfl football 17. May 17 - charles chaplin `s coffin is found 10 miles from the cemetery it.Nfl Football

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