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Poker's Most Beloved Champions
Who are poker's greatest champions? There have been an innumerable number of poker stars ever since the game was played in the old west. There's something so exciting and romantic about the game. Poker has been featured as a central part of many movies, and for very good reasons.

The life of a poker star has its ups and downs, and sometimes the greatest wins are overshadowed by big losses. It's all a gamble and the pros have to keep a straight face to deceive their opponents in the high-octane world of poker. This game isn't bingo, because large amount of money are at stake.

Poker players literally come in all shapes and sizes, and some of the biggest winners at the international table are faces that one wouldn't expect to see at a casino: grandfathers, single mothers, and working dads.

Here are some of poker's most well-loved champions, as well as information on how they first got into the game:

Matt Affleck: This young poker champ from Mill Creek, Washington is at the top of his game and the height of his career. Raking in just under $1 million in poker prizes so far, he started off his career with a big win of $500,165 from the 41st World Series of Poker 2010's WSOP No Limit Hold'em Championship. This massive win jump-started Matt's career, and the sponsorships just kept on coming from there. Matt started playing poker in high school, hosting poker games for his buddies and neighbors. His games became a hit, and Matt began to play poker professionally at regional tournaments.

Daniel Negreanu: Nicknamed "Kid Poker", Daniel started his professional poker career, after trying online casino baccarat at the age of 21, just one year off of his graduation. Daniel pursued his career in professional poker full-time from there on out, and it's been work it for Kid Poker. Daniel Negreanu has earned over $14 million in his career thus far, and he's one of the largest winners in history. Daniel has set records for poker wins, and his confidence and steely poker face have served him well in the arena. Daniel started playing poker at the age of 15, and ever since those days in his childhood, he's been hooked on the game.

Kathy Liebert: As the current leading woman in poker, Kathy has made a $5 million profit out of her career, joining the ring of Poker World Series champions. Liebert has toured the world and played in competitions in the strangest of places. Liebart started playing poker as a young teen, and her parents noticed a natural talent when young Kathy won regional poker competitions into her early adult years. Kathy also enjoys playing other games like bingo online and Yahtzee.

TJ Cloutier: TJ is an old-time poker champ with over 60 tournament wins under his belt. With career winnings exceeding $9 million, TJ has toured worldwide. Despite this, this champ still prefers his home to any other place on the planet. While Cloutier enjoys traveling the world on his career, he says that nothing is nicer than the feeling of returning to his home in Richardson, Texas after a long flight.

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